Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Auslogics Disk Defrag Video Tutorial


This tutorial demonstrates the use of Auslogics Disk Defrag. As you use your computer, bits and pieces of your programs get moved around on the hard drive. This process is called fragmentation. Using a utility called a disk defragmenter will put those pieces of your programs back where they belong, so your computer can find them faster. This will increase your computer’s operating speed. Windows already comes with a utility for defragmenting the hard drive, but it’s slow compared to other defragmenters. Auslogics Disk Defrag, which I use on my own computer, is much faster and seems to me to do the job better. Also, in Windows Vista, the graphical interface was removed, so using Auslogics Disk Defrag lets me see what’s going on while running the defrag process. You can read my article about how to use the program at: You can download the program at: I used CamStudio to capture onscreen video: I used Audacity to capture and edit the sound: I used Photofiltre to create the title screen: I used Windows Movie Maker to compose the whole thing. You can visit my website for Computer Maintenance & Upkeep at:


25 Responses to “Auslogics Disk Defrag Video Tutorial”
  1. scatmanwfm says:

    @compmaint Ahhh. Yeah it really amazed me how much better it was. Thank you for clearing that up.

  2. compmaint says:

    @scatmanwfm You’re right, the built-in Windows defrag takes forever compared to third-party software like this one. It seems to be faster in Win7 though.

  3. scatmanwfm says:

    I have Vista and one of the reasons I never defrag is it will take like 2 days but when I use auslogics disk defrag it will defrag 1 of my drivers in like 20 minutes. I don’t understand how it’s so much faster is it just an overall faster/better program than the windows defrag?

  4. lillen300 says:

    @compmaint What is the best defrager and is it really needed to have it scheduled and is it possible to make the auslogics defrag scheduled?

  5. MrVansy says:

    thankyou,this helps a lot,very good

  6. Eragon86micky says:

    Auslogics Disk Defrag is not Fast Optimize! -.-
    i got MyDefrag 4.1.2 is better

  7. dorrystalkerkilla says:

    thank u so much ill tell every one about this

  8. alm0nd87 says:

    I think im gonna use Auslogic Disk Defragmenter.
    because im using Windows Vista and it’s defragmenter sucks time, my harddisk partition C has only 200gb and the elapsed time is now 18hours and still on-going.. the defragmenter box has nothing but – Defragmenting hard disk (C)…

    When im using Windows Xp defragmenter it just only took me 3hours or less to defragment my partition C.

    Vista defragmenter drags down the rating of OS. -_-

  9. compmaint says:

    i haven’t seen it take long before. could be something on your computer maybe.

  10. compmaint says:

    yes. it puts them on the moon.

  11. compmaint says:

    I’ve been looking into SmartDefrag lately as well. Seems to do a nice job too, and it can be scheduled.

  12. R4Zy3L says:

    This is very similar with the one from Tuneup Utilities 2009. I one will stay with Diskeeper. It’s also free but it finds more fragments then Tuneups defrag.

  13. Parilblade001 says:


  14. corey75952 says:

    does it move your files so you can’t find them?

  15. Twesker87 says:

    Really a good program!

  16. spider1292 says:

    lol i agree, it took 10 minutes to actuly prepare

  17. evixxx9 says:

    omg does it has to take so hell long? Is it because my disk is almost full? 😀

  18. 3givers says:

    Excellent video detailed explanation .Keep making videos .

  19. Skeptician says:

    Nicely done. Can this S/W also defragment the spaces, so that the next big video file does not get fragmented into lots of small spaces? While Win 98 display indicates it defrags the spaces, Win XP does not. I have just tried Defraggle which has a ‘defragment the spaces’ option that seems worthwhile.

  20. aznking1551 says:

    oo ok cuz im defragging my comp right now thanx for the info

  21. compmaint says:

    This program does remove temporary files before defragging, but for a more thorough, complete disk cleanup job, I use CCleaner.

  22. aznking1551 says:

    does this delets files that you dont need?

  23. azcn2503 says:

    YouTube needs more brilliant videos like this one.

  24. timetopk says:

    very good tutorial

  25. yograyson says:

    If the voice in the video is yours, holy crap! Its amazing!