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Visit SiteI am passionate about computers and the internet and spend a great deal of my time in front of a computer screen. Since I grew up in the computer age it just seemed natural for me to answer questions for friends and family members.

One day I realized that my older relatives were being left out because they lacked the technical knowledge to share information over the internet. So, I started coaching my parents and in-laws on the basics.

Although they caught on quickly, they still relied on me. What would happen when I wasn’t around? Would they get frustrated and quit when confronted with something new? I needed a simple guide that could get anyone through a roadblock on their own.

The first guides were not fancy! I quickly scribbled down some hand-written “tutorial pages” with diagrams. And guess what? They worked! Parents and Family over 50 were able to benefit from my tutorials and could easily tackle simple things on the internet without my help.

Turns out they wanted more! The first guide covered the simple stuff . . . how to sign up, login, and send/receive email. Before long, my simple guide had morphed into tutorials on how to search videos on YouTube and how to find information on Google.

We are an active family that loves to travel. So how could the parents and grandparents on both sides stay in contact when all their children are gallivanting around the planet? Facebook, of course!

These days just about everyone . . . young and old alike . . . has a Facebook account. But like my parents and in-laws, some older people need “a little nudge” to fully embrace the technology and they may not feel comfortable to ask their children for help. That’s where my guide, “You Can Facebook” comes in.

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